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Jonathan Villafuerte personifies a story of courage and resilience. As a teenager he dealt with the challenge of navigating difficult situations in a rough neighborhood and tough school system. Driven by a dream to change his reality, he began to wonder when it would be his turn to choose the direction that would determine his own life purpose. Fortunately, he found resources that transformed his life and helped him earn a full-ride scholarship to Point Loma Nazarene University. In 2009, he became a first-generation college graduate with a bachelor’s degree in psychology. Mr. Villafuerte has since earned a Masters of Science degree in Counseling (with a PPS credential) from San Diego State University. 


As an educated man of color, he is cognizant that positive role models and programs are essential for high-promising students to have an equitable chance of attending college. Jonathan Villafuerte has made a lifelong commitment to bridge the opportunity gap as an educator, public speaker, and urban-education consultant.

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