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Mr. Villafuerte played an instrumental role in the growth and impact of Reality Changers, a non-profit organization that annually serves nearly 1,000 high-potential youth from poorly-resourced communities. He successfully helped develop many key positions such as Site-Director, Parent Involvement Coordinator, Director of Community Outreach, and Achievement Coach that delivered a comprehensive and holistic approach to higher education. Reality Changers was recognized by former Secretary of Education Arne Duncan as “a model for the nation.” Mr. Villafuerte now serves as a board member for the Reality Changers Foundation which annually awards over $25,000 in scholarships to economically disadvantaged youth. For over a decade, he has been called to serve resilient communities with empathy, purpose, and advocacy.

Mr. Villafuerte was successful in creating the position of Coordinator of Student Success and Equity at High Tech High. Through individual, group, and school-wide outreach he was able to increase perception of college readiness for the entire school – with the largest increase for Latino students at 14%. Mr. Villafuerte's work has been recognized by the CARPE College Access Network, a project that has received generous funding from the Gates Foundation to improve the number of first-generation and low-income youth (FLY Scholars) enrolling in four-year universities. Currently, he is working alongside the CARPE team as an expert in early college readiness and family involvement.


A free consultation will help educators, schools and organizations by providing them with knowledge and services in the following areas:

  • Community and institutional partnerships

  • Data-driven programs and improvement science

  • Student outreach and engagement strategies

  • Restorative and trauma-informed practices

  • Multi-cultural awareness and sustainability

  • Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)

  • Serving F.L.Y. Scholars (First-gen/low-income youth)

  • Undocumented-Student Ally Trainings

  • Curriculum Development and Progress Monitoring

  • Narrative and Solution-Focused Counseling

  • Many more available upon request!


* Professional exemplars available.


For Students:


Workshops and presentations include:


  • Authenticity Vs. Professionalism

  • Socio-ecological Systems: The Fight for Systemic Change

  • Networking and Public Speaking Skills *

  • Reframing Narratives: Your Story Matters *

  • Resilience: Grit and Perseverance *

  • Scholar, are you ready to FLY?

  • Self-Care is Sacred: Mindfulness and Self-awareness

  • The Crossroad of College and Career *

  • More available according to needs.


*Highly requested workshops

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